youngculture Romania moves into top modern offices

As from the beginning of May youngculture Romania moved from the provisional office premises into the recently finished highest office building in Iaşi.

Lying in the middle of the top modern “Palas Complex”, the new offices in the 14th storey cover a space of 163m2 that can be expanded at any time and offer work places, conference rooms and meeting places, as well as a wonderful view of the newly renovated Culture Palace. The new premises have been designed in the same look & feel as the youngculture offices that have recently been opened in Zurich and Serbia. “Unique Corporate Identity and Corporate Culture are important to us “, said CEO Marco Zoppi. “This should also be reflected in our premises. Clients and employees should feel that they are in the same company at each of our six locations.” We are looking forward to greeting our clients from now on in our new offices in Iaşi!