youngculture opens a development centre in Romania

radu_bigThe new development centre of youngculture is located in Iasi, Romania. This attractive location in eastern Romania – where among others Amazon has set up their Development Centre – and shows a high density of experienced and talented developers. Therefore, the new location presents a perfect addition to the two existing development centres in Belgrade and Nis, Serbia.

“With our new development site, we are setting the foundation for further expansion and at the same time, enabling the sustainability of flexible responds to all customer needs and requirements in the field of nearshore-software-development.” said Marco Zoppi, the CEO of youngculture group.

We are glad to have been able to hire Mr. Radu-Andrei Pavel-Alexandru, as the new youngculture Operations Manager in Iasi. Radu has more than 11 years of experience in the IT industry. In previous positions, he worked for 6 years as the Director of Professional Services at MIND CTI, one of the leading providers of end-to-end telecom billing and customer care solutions. He was responsible for global implementation projects, managed services and technical Support. Radu has an MSc degree of the Technical University of Iasi.