youngculture gathers at “youngculture days 2013”

On the weekend of 21./22. September 2013 (almost) all of the 150 youngculture employees from 5 countries and 6 locations gathered at “youngculture days” in Belgrade.

The goal of our employee event – taking place already for the third time – was, to bring everyone together in an relaxed and inspiring atmosphere, in order to get to know each other better and to share experiences.

Part of the program were a company strategy update, a «building-a-bridge»-teambuilding experience and on Saturday evening «party & fun» on one of Belgrade’s legendary river boat restaurants. On Sunday visitors from abroad and everyone interested had the chance to visit some of Belgrade’s historical and cultural highlights on a bus tour.

For some people it was the first time to meet in person, for others it was a nice opportunity for reunion. As also pictures show, youngculture days 2013» were an enjoyable experience again!