Our Clients

Most of our clients are software development departments of large corporations or software development companies activating especially in eCommerce, Finance and Aviation sectors.


We also work with clients from other industries, as long as we identify a set of key factors:

The opportunity to develop a mid to long-term partnership. Relationships with our clients span over 4-5 years and our work brings added value to their core business

The possibility to open solid communication channels on several levels in the client’s organization

Our capability to assemble the right team for the project, in terms of skills, competences, experience and motivation

Similar values in working with people

An agile methodology in place or openness to switch to an agile methodology

Experience with distributed software development.

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eCommerce is one of the most dynamic sectors on a global level, with an annual growth of more than 15-20%, and also one of the most competitive, triggering a continuous need of new functionalities to support evolving business models and creating requirements to develop and maintain more and more complex software applications.

In youngculture, eCommerce is a strategic business unit, focusing on enterprise grade solutions. youngculture is the first software company in Iași that has opened a Hybris competence center, having its own training program, growing Hybris certified software engineers and working on platform development projects. On short to mid term, we plan to extend our Hybris Iași unit and to build new competence centers for additional eCommerce platforms, like Magento, Intershop and others.

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Onsite project management and technical consulting (hybris)

Agile consultancy

Platforms development and enhancements projects

eCommerce tools and products development

Production eCommerce platforms support and operation

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Our A360 Model

We join our clients into a journey from their current standings to becoming excellent in providing the right solution for their needs – from analyzing their business ideas to delivering long-term value in operations. With our unique Swiss made A-360 Model we deliver sustainable solutions with maximum flexibility.

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